Prairie Sea Kayak Adventures – Yoga Kayaking Tour

July 19, 2020

Stow away your yoga mat and enjoy a relaxing paddle as we weave our way toward the Lake.

Once there we will disembark from our boats and be treated to yoga on the beach by a certified instructor (45 minutes).  This three hour excursion will also include opportunities for nature sightings, basic kayak instruction, and a snack break (bring along some treats).

Leanne Stevens is a qualified Yoga instructor who has been actively teaching yoga for the past 18 years in the Interlake.  She draws from her studies in India to offer an informed and authentic yoga experience.   We are very fortunate to have Leanne join PSKA for these tours and she looks forward to participating in this venture.

Online Rates:  Adult – $81.00  / Child – $40.50 (pay w/ PayPal or CC)
Regular Rates:  Adult – $90.00 / Child – $45.00 (cash only, day of tour)

Hours: 11:00AM